No KidsOk, so let’s set the scene…

You are a hard working father or mother, desperately trying to balance a busy work life with some relaxing family time. Let’s say you have a child under 11 and a 12 month old baby. As an alternative to the daily grind, the possibility of spending some time away with the family at the weekend or for a short break is an attractive proposition and you fancy the idea of a UK city break.

There are a number of great cities throughout the UK but you decide on Liverpool, steeped in heritage and revitalised after being awarded 2008 European Capital of Culture. A trip to a city is always a great choice for a short family break due to the abundance of attractions for children and adults to enjoy but where will you stay?

Your obvious first thought is a hotel. On the face of it this shouldn’t be a difficult task. Big cities have lots of hotels and there are hundreds of websites available for making reservations.

After hours of surfing the web you realise that for your family combination, internet booking is almost a none starter. Virtually all reservation websites just want you to pick the number of hotel rooms required and the duration of the stay. No mention of adjoining rooms, family rooms or the possibility of a cot. Occasionally you find family rooms available but the quality of the hotel is not necessarily what you would have chosen had you not had kids.

Perplexed at the limited number of online booking options for families with younger children, you ponder the question ‘are hotels actually child friendly places?’

After a minutes thought, the very idea of taking the kids to a quality city hotel begins to trouble you. “What if the baby cries in the restaurant at breakfast or even worse at dinner?”; “Will we even be allowed to eat in the restaurant or sit in the bar after a certain time?”; “Even if we can find a hotel room big enough to accommodate us all, what are we going to do once the kids have gone to bed?”; “The thought of playing cards after 8pm in a cramped hotel bedroom with Sky News on the television (and the volume on mute so as to not wake the baby) is starting to turn the idea of a city break into a nightmare.

Determined not to be beaten, you look at the alternatives. One option that springs to mind is a serviced apartment. Most big cities have lots of serviced apartments available to rent. Many offer luxury accommodation in the heart of the city, at rates competitive with quality hotels. However for this reason, they are often frequented by the party crowd and the thought of being awoken at 3am, ten minutes after giving the night feed to the baby, is not an attractive one. Also, ‘Sleeps 4′ often means Mum and Dad are on the sofabed in the lounge and so the relaxing weekend ends up with a visit to the chiropractor.

……….The answer

What a family still needs when they take a city break is space, flexibility and an environment that is at least as comfortable as their own home. Somewhere that is in a great location to visit and enables you to enjoy all of the attractions the city has to offer but somewhere as relaxing as home during the downtime. A true ‘home from home’.

The solution in Liverpool

Here in Liverpool we believe we have created that ‘home from home’. A luxury holiday home that can accommodate up to six people with additional provision for a baby in a cot if required. It has the luxury comparable with a quality hotel, the necessary space in which to relax and one of the best locations in Liverpool. It is possible to take the family on a city break and return relaxed! If you are interested in a visit to Liverpool with the family then see the rest of our website for further details on our Luxury Holiday Home.

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